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Colegiul National "Iosif Vulcan"

Colegiul National "Iosif Vulcan"

"Iosif Vulcan" National College is an elite public educational institution with 235 years of experience, with currently 1,600 students aged 5-19 and a staff of 105. We boast some most modern facilities and frequently rank high in numerous competitions in subjects as Literature, Mathematics, Geography, English, Spanish, Art, Music, Dance, and Drama. Our school is involved in numerous extracurricular and volunteership schemes ("Eco School Award" in 2012 for environmental initiatives).

Our students are trained to become kindergarten and elementary-school teachers (in Romanian or Hungarian) with hands-on experience in practising in our associated kindergarten.

They can train in our modern labs as future biochemists or IT experts. We are the only educational institution in Bihor County to have obtained the Spanish-bilingual authorisation. Thus, our College provides students with the opportunity to specialise as English or Spanish bilinguals. We have been a Cambridge training and assessment centre since 2010, and participate in training programmes with local universities. In this respect, this project is necessary for our students to develop their communication skills relevant to the languages they study and be introduced to studying the partner countries’ languages. Apart from our Romanian students, who are the majority, there are also 122 Hungarian students, 14 Roma students, and 7 students of other ethnicities. The Romanian educational system includes the eight key-competences as defined by the European Commission (knowledge, skills, and attitudes), which represent the students’ acquisitions: communicating in a mother tongue or a foreign language; mathematical, scientific and technological competence; digital competence; learning to learn; social and civic competences; sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; cultural awareness and expression. We have adopted this framework for educational policies, with these key competences included in the Law of National Education. Our teaching staff are dedicated to the application of key competences in both their teaching and extracurricular activities. They develop the students’ abilities to properly interact across social and cultural contexts, to mediate and understand cultural diversity, to use multimedia technology.

They enable students to communicate and network across social groups and over the internet to solve problems, to acquire, process, and evaluate new knowledge and apply it and associated skills in various contexts, to contribute efficiently and constructively to social life and conflict solving. The students are taught to develop their own strategic vision, to set and achieve goals for themselves, and are given the motivation to succeed, to internalise active and responsible behaviours, to creatively express their ideas, experiences, and emotions via multiple media including music, literature, and visual arts. Iosif Vulcan will organize the learning, teaching, and training activity in Brussels.


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