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Ubbo-Emmius-Gymnasium, a grammar school, has ca. 100 staff and 1,400 students, aged 10 to 19, from a catchment area encompassing the city of Leer (34,000 inhabitants) and the rural area round it. Our pupils have a choice between a regular or a profile-oriented syllabus; currently this is science- or music-based, and the option of attending bilingual geography and biology lessons. We have exchange programmes with schools in Evreux (France), Tonglu (China), Caldas da Rainha (Portugal), and Leeuwarden (the Netherlands).

As a school in a rural area with little migratory background, there is only a small number of pupils with an ethnically different origin, of which Eastern Europeans, Turks, and refugees from Arabian countries form the strongest proportion of together about 5 % of the students. Yet in view of resentments against migrants even in our community, support for an internation project is required as a measure against this. One of the approaches in this school's basic concept is the education towards responsibility and social awareness. This includes understanding of and tolerance towards cultures, ethnicities, and religions. This is enhanced by introducing bilingual teaching for the pupils to use English as a lingua franca, and by carrying out exchanges with schools from other regional, cultural, and ethnical backgrounds.

A first Comenius project made our pupils aware of similarities and differences between people from different parts of Europe. In our second Comenius participation, we focussed on global issues, including environmental problems and cultural diversity. The third participation in a Comenius project was meant to reflect pupils' school life at their respective schools, including the learning environment, social life as part of the school community, and the experience of taking part in European projects. In our last project, centred around founding small businesses in European regions, we endeavoured to strengthen the idea of international understanding and global dependency, as well as the economic conditions that influence the lives of our pupils and their families. International projects are an essential part of the UEG's educational concept to widen our pupils' scope with respect to internationalism and active participation. This project is particularly designed for their enhancement of Europe's values, their understanding of its culture and history, and living together in a common Europe. To deepen the lingual value of our international concept, we consider support for our participation in international projects beneficial. Key persons are the Erasmus project coordinator and his colleague Dr. U. Kühne. We have further staff participating, who would take over should the leading team leave their positions. Ubbo-Emmius-Gymnasium has gathered a considerable amount of experience in these projects in the areas of project coordination and website design and
maintenance, and it will be the coordinating school of this project.


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