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Arsakeio Gymnasium Thessalonikis

Arsakeio Gymnasium Thessalonikis

Arsakeio Junior High School of Thessaloniki is one of 34 Arsakeia Schools administered by the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning, the oldest educational, non-profitable organization in Greece, established in 1836. At present, the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning is the largest educational foundation in Greece.

There are six school complexes (from kindergarten to Senior High) in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Ioannina and Tirana in Albania with 6,500 students and 700 teachers. Arsakeio Junior High School of Thessaloniki was founded in 1980 and with the other schools of the Arsakeio complex is situated in a stretch of 150 acres in Elaiones Pylaias. In High school there are 238 students and 37 teachers and it is fully equipped with modern facilities and buildings (classrooms, language rooms, theatre, amphitheatre, library, health office, gym, outdoor football fields, volleyball and basketball courts and labs for science, informatics, art and music).

Thessaloniki is proud of its rich historical and cultural tradition and is ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Arsakeio Junior High School of Thessaloniki has consistently acknowledged the importance of participating in collaboration programmes and joint projects with other European schools. Our students act in a broadened educational framework exchanging knowledge, experience and information in an interactive manner. So, our students come into contact with the distinct culture of European countries, develop their intercultural understanding, embrace the European vision and adopt innovative practices in their learning process. They develop skills related to new technologies, computer sciences, communication, foreign languages (English, French, German) and the managing of collaborative tasks. In this context, our school has successfully completed a Comenius programme, received the European Language Label in 2009 in the category “Foreign Languages and Entrepreneurship”, participated in 14 e-Twinning programmes, in Model United Nations conferences in Greece and abroad, and in the European Youth Parliament and has received distinctions in European competitions.

Furthermore, it has been cooperating with the Center for Hellenic Studies of the Harvard University , organizing international scientific conventions with the participation of academics, researchers, university students, teachers and pupils. For its e-Twinning projects it has received eight National Quality Labels and four European Quality Labels, and last year it was awarded the European e-Twinning Prize 2018 for its project «We all speak the same language – Online magazine», thus rendering us suitable for the proposed project in its historical, cultural, linguistic and political dimension. Ms Aikaterini Kyriakidou was appointed coordinator at Arsakeio; six teachers of Greek, English and German language and literature will participate in the project team and can act as coordinators.


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